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Can You Advertise Crypto on Facebook or Instagram?

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    Facebook’s relationship with crypto and blockchain has been a complicated one. At one point they’ve issued statements outright banning cryptocurrency companies from using Facebook and Instagram for advertising. At other points, they’ve claimed the ban did not, in fact, exist and that crypto companies need not worry. Facebook has even gone so far as to start their own cryptocurrency project, Libra.

    With all this flip-flopping and lack of clear answers many blockchain entrepreneurs are wondering if its possible to advertise crypto on Facebook.

    Here we take a deep dive into our own experience as well as those of other crypto marketing teams.

    Can you advertise crypto on Facebook?
    Like many crypto advertising questions whether you can advertise your cryptocurrency brand on Facebook is a matter of “it depends”.

    Facebook’s public stance on blockchain and crypto has been a confusing one. Within the past few years, Facebook has gone from publically decrying Facebook as a dangerous means of money laundering and scamming to working on their own blockchain-based currency Libra. After months of regulatory pushback on the Libra project, Facebook seems to have returned to its previous stance of “Crypto Bad”.

    As far as Facebook’s ACTUAL crypto advertising policy, the tech giant claims it does not outright ban blockchain project ads, but approval is needed in most circumstances.

    Can you advertise cryptocurrency on Instagram?
    Instagram, being a Facebook-owned company, adopts a similar (if not the same) policy towards crypto ads. That said, we have seen at least one advertising campaign from a cryptocurrency company on Instagram.

    One such company to successfully get crypto ads on Instagram (for a short time at least) is CoinTracker, a crypto portfolio and tax reporting software company based in San Francisco.

    That said, it appears most brands should not rely on Instagram to promote their brands.

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    Final Things
    The article has helped you gain more information and knowledge about crypto advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Please read the article entire because it will help you gain more knowledge about marketing and advertising in the crypto field

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