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Instructions on how to arrange the right standards to create beautiful real estate photos

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    One. Arrange the layout of the house in a scientific way
    Before picking up the camera, the realtor needs to make sure the house is neatly arranged, orderly and scientifically. However, depending on the size of the project that the broker is dealing with, the preparation time may vary.
    Next, you need to filter and create a list of needed images and add appropriate descriptions for those images.
    Potential buyers/tenants are usually relatively focused on common areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and storage areas. Therefore, you should not ignore any area in the house if you really want to attract users interested in the project.
    Note, interior design can also make a big difference in the mind of the user. If the furniture looks dated or the rooms are vacant, you should consider renting furniture or artwork to increase the value of the home.
    If you want to take pictures of the appearance to promote the property as a whole, check out outdoor lighting and window systems. If the house has a garden, make sure they are taken care of regularly and are always very green to help you have a perfect panorama.

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    2. Time to take pictures
    Lighting is an important part of getting a good photo. So, what time of day will the house look its best?
    According to the advice of people in the industry, before sunrise and after sunset are the best times to take pictures outside the house. This is when the sunlight is weak and not too bright, the sky colors are beautiful and can enhance the style of the house.
    However, a house with a modern design can also look outstanding against a dark blue sky floor with bright sunlight in the middle of the day. To make the photo not too monotonous and boring, you can add a human figure to have movement in the picture frame.
    3. Use professional tips and tricks
    According to the principles of photographers, photos must be taken vertically. For example, window and door frames should always appear vertically.
    A photograph taken from not too high an angle will have converging vertical lines and no sweeping view. To avoid this, the broker should place the camera at a height to get the most harmonious photo.
    A good photo must have the right division of light. Therefore, turn on all the lights in the house and avoid using camera flash. At the same time, you also need to control the mirror and all equipment with shiny, reflective surfaces so that the image does not appear blurred.
    4. Don't abuse the unique effect
    The software for editing photos by smart devices now has some great functions to change photos on the fly. The color, lighting and selector settings can all be used to change photos easily with a tap and swipe.
    However, as a rule of photography, you should not abuse special effects to have a great photo. Using effects such as tilt shift can distort the image in a way that distorts the true value of the property.
    Therefore, let a photo honestly reflect its value without unnecessary influencing factors. In the case of real estate photography, the original is still perfect.
    5. Organize and store photos
    When it comes to image control, images must be accessed in an easy and suitable way for marketing purposes. Thereby high resolution images will be essential for promotional materials and print communications.
    Therefore, brokers should use the cloud system to share images with the two parties involved, helping them to download photos quickly. Remember, don't send large files via email and make sure to include a caption for each image.

    6. Hire an expert
    If you are not experienced in taking great real estate photos, the ideal method is to hire a professional. Although advanced equipment and software are now widely accessible to all amateur photographers, knowledge and skills will always be needed to get the best shot.
    Above is an article that shares a few ways to take beautiful real estate photos that every real estate agent should know. We hope that the knowledge we bring to you will help you in your successful real estate sale. elitephotoedit.com

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