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What exactly are madical gloves? What medical gloves are used for at LKS

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    Although they are thin, light, robust, and specifically designed for the medical field, the food and beverage industry, laboratories, and some light industries like paint, medical gloves are still a form of labor protective glove. LKS 360 Exim, a medical supplier, will provide further information about medical gloves (gloves, masks, surgical products, orbital pharmaceutical....)

    What Are Medical Gloves?

    Medical gloves, also referred to as medical gloves, are a type of disposable protective gloves used in medical examinations and procedures to help prevent infection between caregivers and patients, protect Users from work-related infections, and protect their hands from chemicals or disease-causing fluids.

    Natural rubber is used to make medical gloves, which are also small, light, and waterproof. When wearing medical gloves, you won't lose the sensation of your hands' skin when touching or touching that object because of their compact, flexible, but extremely thin design.

    Applications Of Medical Gloves


    Nowadays, domestic and industrial rubber gloves are widely used in industries like automotive, manufacturing, food processing, and kitchen cleaning. Rubber is a great and widely used material in glove manufacturing.

    - Hospitals, clinics, labs, beauty salons, veterinary clinics, and plant and animal quarantine units all employ medical gloves.
    - When killing livestock or poultry, wear medical gloves to prevent contact with animal fluids.
    - Commonly used in meat and seafood stands to keep your hands sanitary
    - To prevent electrification from occurring during routine cleaning of electrical devices such as computers, phones, speakers, radios, etc., wear medical gloves.
    - Used to ensure hygiene for employees and clients when getting their nails done, getting tattoos, etc. to help prevent infection from clients to staff.
    - When preparing or chopping food, wear gloves.

    Types of Medical Gloves


    Medical gloves can be categorized using a variety of factors, including their intended usage, construction material, length, and weight (thickness).
    - There are two sorts of gloves based on their intended use: examination gloves and surgical gloves.
    - Powder-free gloves and powdered gloves are divided based on their intended use.
    - The simplest division is made according to material; there are nitrile gloves and latex gloves (natural rubber) (synthetic rubber).
    Latex gloves: Because latex is a resin extracted from the natural rubber tree, they are sometimes referred to as rubber. Heat and chemicals are used in the manufacturing process to make latex gloves, which are safe to use. It is incredibly supple, fitting when we wear gloves, and makes an excellent protective layer.

    This kind of rubber is frequently used in the manufacture of medical devices, particularly in the fabrication of gloves such surgical latex, powdered, and non-powdered gloves.
    Nylon gloves: Since Nitrile (Latex Free) is a synthetic rubber that is produced identically to Latex but does not include Latex and has good water resistance and oil resistance, it is utilized extensively in all industries that demand high levels of protection.

    Along with non-medical sectors including industry, food processing, and dentistry and health care, cleanliness includes testing, dentistry, and healthcare...

    Where to buy quality Medical Gloves?

    On July 28, 2017, LKS 360 IMPORT EXPORT TRADING COMPANY LIMITED (LKS 360 CO., LTD) was formally founded in Vietnam.
    In our more than 9 years of operation, LKS 360 has improved its technology and broadened its selection of plants. We specialize in producing and cultivating crops like coffee, pepper, coconuts, lemongrass, shallot, and others, as well as selling healthcare and medical supplies (gloves, masks, surgical products, orbital pharmaceutical...). We grow a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and field crops.

    With the current era of technology development, it is not too difficult for you to find an address that provides medical gloves. The easy and widespread sale of medical rubber gloves is a favorable condition for some bad actors to sell poor quality gloves of unknown origin. Buyers who do not pay attention will easily mistakenly order fake goods, poor quality goods. That affects the use, even threatens health.

    Therefore, when buying medical gloves, you should choose to buy them at reputable establishments. A reputable supplier of medical gloves that you can choose from is the chain of LKS 360. Here you can find qualityproducts.These are the addresses that are always committed to the quality of medical gloves. The products offered here are of clear origin, and the prices are publicly listed.

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