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Words that violate Facebook policies

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    Facebook is known as a social networking site with nearly 3 billion users each month. Not only that, but this is also a social network that helps businesses promote their products to everyone. However, not every profession can advertise and sell on Facebook. Facebook has issued a policy on prohibits industries and products from being advertised. Not only that, Facebook also prohibits advertisers from using words, videos, and images. In this article, we will show you words that violate Facebook's policies and should not be used in ads.

    Words belonging to some prohibited areas of Facebook
    Sentences related to racism and skin color discrimination
    Discrimination on the basis of race and color is an extremely sensitive issue. Most social networking sites, including Facebook, will have policies on skin color discrimination. This will help prevent bad actors from advertising in areas related to race and skin color to divide the community and the country. So to know more phrases related to racism banned by Facebook, see the article below.

    +) Words related to gender: female, male, Mr.(Mrs.),…
    +) Words for territories and countries: Vietnam, America, France, Japan, Korea, China, Laos, Cambodia,...
    +) Racist words: People of color, white people, black people, Asian people, European people,...

    Sentences related to the medical industry

    In the field of health or products related to the health field, Facebook has set a number of separate policies. Although this field is not too serious, there are still some sensitive words that can affect your health. When advertising in the medical field, advertisers need to be prepared to avoid some of the following words:

    When advertising medical products on Facebook, advertisers should avoid using words that refer to human body parts or diseases such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, bone and joint disease, cirrhosis and asthma. . . As long as your content accidentally uses the above words, your campaign will not be approved.

    Next are words that violate Facebook's policies related to the medical industry, including words like patient, medical records, clinic, etc.

    In particular, words with negative meanings are also on the list of banned words, such as doctor's treatment, death, dying, pain, despair,...

    Words related to the financial sector

    Finance is a field that is heavily advertised on Facebook. Because this is a field that attracts many people's interest due to its diversity. However, language in this major financial sector is very sensitive and has an impact on advertising campaigns. Part of the reason is that many people gain interest in this field to advertise on Facebook to commit fraud. If you want to advertise in the main financial sector but don't understand the banned phrases, take a look at the words below. Below are words related to the financial sector that violate the policy:
    +) Borrow capital, borrow
    +) Currency, Finance
    +) Borrow money, unsecured loans, credit loans
    +) Interest rate
    +) Tax
    +) Loan amount
    +) Explain banking

    Words that violate Facebook's policies related to surveillance cameras and security cameras

    Phrases related to surveillance cameras, surveillance equipment, and eavesdropping software are all on Facebook's violation list. Most advertising campaigns related to camera products are hidden by Facebook.

    Phrases in the field of training and office leasing

    The Facebook platform is also known as an extremely useful information channel for companies to post recruitment posts or for individuals to post job searches. When you join the group, you will see posts in the form of recruiting staff, renting an office, or introducing training courses. Many organizations have taken advantage of this to profit and defraud workers. That's why Facebook has introduced a policy to limit words related to recruitment. Some frequently appearing keywords that you should avoid include recruitment, training, jobs, etc.

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    Use brand-related words

    When shopping on Facebook, you will encounter the phenomenon of using famous brands to sell counterfeit goods such as Chanel, Dior, Adidas, Nike, etc. Sellers often take advantage of these brands to sell poor quality goods. To prevent fraudulent acts for personal gain, Facebook has strongly banned posts using the above brand name. This is very useful for sellers of branded products.

    Not only that, when advertisers use logos of big brands to run low-quality sales ads, Facebook is also strictly prohibited from posting them. For the article to be approved, it is necessary to avoid using words that violate the brand's copyright.

    Some other words should not be used

    Below are banned words when running Facebook Ads that you should avoid:
    +) Tobacco
    +) Acne, scars
    +) Sensitive parts of humans, weight loss, weight gain
    +) Alcohol, Bones and joints, Sinusitis, Functional foods, Diet
    +) Passport, Driver's License, Red Book, Household Registration Book, Dating

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    Final Things
    To prevent your advertising campaign from being banned by Facebook, please clearly understand the advertising policies. Extremely useful article helps advertisers build content without worrying about violating Facebook policies. If you're a new advertiser, please take the time to read the entire article for more information about words that violate Facebook's policies.

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